Seneca College

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The Clinical Research Program at Seneca College offers a one-year post-graduate certificate in Clinical Research for students with a Bachelor's degree in a science and/or health-related discipline providing them with the key skills needed to be effective clinical research professionals.  

Throughout this program students will develop the following skills:

  • Conduct research design concepts
  • Analysis and quality assurance of daily operations in clinical trials development process for products such as drugs, medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and natural health products
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the different positions within the clinical research processes
  • Learn to incorporate ethical practices


Students also have the opportunity to participate in an optional work term in a variety of locations including academic medical centers, the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, and government.  Students are able to utilize the skills they acquired in the program and build upon those skills by experiencing real-life scenarios that they face while working in the industry.

The program is supported by a number of faculty with many years in the field in a variety of sectors and positions.